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Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows in Winter

Auto Tinting Improves Your Winter Driving Experience

Auto car window tinting can help for winterDuring Ottawa’s cold winter months, driving can be a chore. Before you can even leave your driveway, you must warm up your car, clear your windows of ice and snow, and shovel your driveway. And once you are on the road, you have to deal with poor road conditions and visibility.

But did you know tinting your car windows can help ease the stress of winter driving? It can also keep you warmer during those cold days on the road.

Here are just a few reasons why you should think about auto tinting for the winter:

More Insulation

Window tinting and films provide a layer of insulation on your windows that help keep the heat in during the cold winter months. This extra insulation means it will take less time to warm up your car!

By tinting your car windows, you can start driving sooner on those frigid mornings, and your car will heat up faster so you aren’t shivering while you’re driving. A warmer drive will make for a better start to your day!

Better Visibility

Winter is a horrible season for road visibility and driving conditions. From snow squalls to the glare from the sun reflecting off the snow, it can be hard to see the road. The sun’s glare is worse in the winter, since the snow reflects the sunlight directly into our field of vision.

With poor This poor visibility makes it even more dangerous to be on the road during icy winter conditions. Auto tinting reduces glare from the snow and from oncoming headlights, so you can drive safer, especially when the roads are at their worst.

Less Fade

Not only does auto tinting protect passengers in the car from UV rays, but it also prevents the colours inside your vehicle from fading. This protection maintains the condition of the interior of your vehicle, so it will look new for longer.

Whether it’s winter or summer, you probably don’t want your car’s interior to fade. Car window tinting protects the inside fabrics of your car from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, its good condition will help with the sale price.

Although winter is long and dreadful at times, you can improve your driving experience with auto tinting. Not only will your vehicle be warmer and maintain its interior appearance, but you’ll be able to stay warmer, see better, and drive safer in even the worst winter weather.

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Getting Your Vehicle Fall Ready

These car components in Ottawa can make your commute comfortable and safe.Top Car Components for the Fall Season

Leaves are changing, and it’s time to start bundling up with a sweater. Cooler temperatures are here to stay as fall weather settles in, and no doubt Ottawa residents are already looking beyond the changing leaves to the coming winter. There’s a lot to prepare for, so it’s best to start early—you never know when frost or a cold snap will hit, after all. One way to get ourselves ready is by making sure our cars are ready too. In order to get our vehicles tuned up for the oncoming cooler seasons, Ottawa car owners should consider adding some new car components.

Auto Remote Starter

If you do not already have an auto remote starter, there is no better time to install one. Auto car starters are considered a luxury by some Canadians, but the fact of the matter is they offer unparalleled convenience. You can start and warm up your car before you even leave your home. Say goodbye to chilly commutes and embrace this modern convenience!

HID Headlights

Ottawa residents know all too well that they often have to head out early to beat the traffic to get to work. As the days get shorter, this often means driving to work before the sun is up and heading home as it’s going down. Adding HID headlights this fall can help you illuminate dark streets, making your commute easier and safer. HID headlights emit light that is similar to daylight, improving visibility and diminishing the effect bright lights in a dark night have on the vision of other drivers. There are many options to choose from to suit your needs and the make and model of your vehicle, letting you rest easy knowing you’re safer on the roads.

Car Audio & Stereo

Okay, we’ll admit it—this is a bit of a luxury feature for this list! Really, upgrading your car’s audio system or stereo can be done at any time of the year, but why not treat yourself to this during the fall? After all, who doesn’t enjoy a nice countryside drive on a fall day? On a more practical level, modern car audio stereos often provide benefits such as Bluetooth phone connectivity and hands-free calling, letting you take calls safely without having to fiddle with one hand on the wheel and the other on your phone.

We rely on our vehicles to get us around on a regular basis, so getting your car ready for the fall can help ease the transition between seasons and get you ready for the really cold months. Try adding these car components to make your ride more comfortable in the coming cooler weather.

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Steering Clear Of Common Auto Starter Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes when installing auto starters in vehicles.Things to Avoid Before And After Buying An Auto Starter

As with most things, when it comes to automatic car starters, there is a good side and a bad side. While having an auto starter is great, and provides that little bit of extra luxury we all crave, there are a few things you should be aware of as a consumer to avoid disappointment, damage, and difficulty.

When auto starters are either installed improperly or are manufactured at a low quality, they can cause severe, warranty voiding damage to your vehicle. Going beyond issues with functionality and not getting the most out of your auto-starter (for example, purchasing an auto starter with poor range or a limited feature set), there are more serious mistakes that are commonly made but can easily be avoided by being aware when purchasing an auto starter.

Buying Cheap

To put it simply, you get what you pay for. Check the reputation of the manufacturer or product before purchasing at a discount online or opting for a deal at a department store. Auto starters are a delicate but intricate component that require durable parts in order to last. An auto starter is nestled amongst many different parts of your vehicle, so if you purchase a cheaply made auto starter and it breaks due to poor quality, it can spark a domino effect that will affect those surrounding parts.

DIY Disaster

Most issues that arise with an auto starter occur post-purchase. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying an auto starter is installing it yourself. Many bargain auto starters claim that the installation is quick and easy – it’s not. Though it might look easy when the pros do it, that’s because they have the expertise and experience the job requires. As mentioned above, the auto starter is placed among many other car components. All it takes is one slip of the hand to cause costly damage, simply because of unfamiliarity with the process. Why not avoid that whole mess, and go to a professional

Buying Here, Installing There

Mistakes also happen when you take a cheaper auto starter and bring it for installation by a professional. While you may have saved a few bucks with a bargain, good luck finding a mechanic that will actually install the part. Professional auto shops will not install auto starters if it is not one of their own, or at least a well-known, reliable brand. These technicians will not risk damage to their company’s reputation or your safety by installing a poorly made or unreliable part. This forces many bargain buyers into the hands of non-professional mechanics that are more likely to make mistakes, therefore causing damage to the vehicle and voiding warranties.

When it comes down to it, low-quality auto starters installed improperly are the main cause of error. If you want to avoid these mistakes and purchase a well-functioning, warranty safe auto starter, you have to invest. Trusting the professionals is the only 100% error-free method of adding an auto car starter to your vehicle.

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Essential Car Components For All Drivers

These car components for Ottawa drivers should be at the top of your maintenance list.Reliable Components Are A Must For All Drivers, No Matter The Season

Not everyone is a car expert, so it’s totally understandable if you don’t know which components of your vehicle are the most important to look out for. Check out this list we’ve put together of the top 5 most important car components Ottawa drivers need to rely on, so that when it comes to buying or maintaining a vehicle, you’ll know exactly where to start.

1. The Battery

It’s no secret that cars need electricity to run, and the current that flows when you turn your key is all thanks to the battery. And if you think it’s not an essential car component in Ottawa, just try starting your car in some of that thirty-below weather this winter.

2. The Brakes

Once your vehicle is running, you’re going to want to be able to stop. Brakes are a car component that need to be maintained quite regularly, because if there’s one thing you never want to sacrifice, it’s your ability to slow down or bring your car to a stop.

3. The Steering

In order to control where your car goes between starting and stopping, you’ll need to be able to steer. The steering column is an especially important car component for Ottawa drivers, since it allows you to manage slipping and sliding and protects you in the event of an accident.

4. The Tires

If there’s one car component that’s always worth the money, it’s good tires. They provide traction on the road surface in rough weather, maintain steady pressure so your vehicle operates at peak efficiency, and rotate evenly so your ride is comfortable. This is a car component that you need to pay extra attention to, since you’ll need a second set for those frosty winter months.

5. The Transmission

To be able to drive fast on highways and slow on city streets, your vehicle needs to be able to switch gears – enter the transmission. This is a component you’ll want to keep well-maintained for the life of your car because without it, your car won’t perform.

Although there are many other car components to consider, these are five of the most essential parts to replace or maintain to ensure your vehicle stays on the road and you stay safe. Always be sure to consult a local auto shop if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your car.

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Automatic Car Starters For Summer Months

The Benefits of Auto Starters When the Weather is Warm

Auto starters can be used to cool your vehicle in summer monthsAutomatic car starters are often used on a cold, blustery day to get your vehicle running and warm without stepping into the chill. But automatic car starters can be just as useful in the steamy summer months as they are during frigid winters.

Cooling Your Car When it’s Hot Outside

No one enjoys getting into a car that’s been sitting in the heat. Burning the back of your legs on the seats can be painful, and it can be difficult to touch the steering wheel. Auto starters allow you to turn on your car—and your air conditioning—before opening the doors.

Finding Your Car in a Crowded Parking Lot

Summer brings crowds to theme parks and festivals. It can be frustrating to try and locate your car in a big parking lot, especially in an unfamiliar area. If your automatic car starter has a panic feature, simply press the button to trigger the alarm and flashing lights. You’ll find your car in no time.

Opening your trunk when your hands are full

Taking your kids to the beach requires extra hands due to all of the stuff they need. Shovels, pails, towels, boogie boards…it can be a struggle to get back to the car at the end of the day, let alone open the trunk. Some auto starters have features that let you open your trunk automatically by pressing a button on the fob, which can be a lifesaver.

Protecting Your Car From Thieves

Many people head out of town in the summer, traveling to visit family in other cities and states. Automatic car starters often have security features to foil car thieves, like needing the key in the ignition to shift out of Park. Some auto starters even notify the owner if someone tampers with the car locks or security system.

Opening All the Doors at Once

If you drive an older car that doesn’t offer keyless entry, you may not realize what you’re missing. You can open all the doors with one click, which comes in handy during car trips when everyone has to get in and out after stopping at rest areas. Fortunately, you don’t need a new car to take advantage of keyless entry because auto starters have the feature built-in.

Automatic car starters can make your life easier at any time, no matter the season. You and your family will get used to the benefits so quickly you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

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Auto Car Starters And Warranties

Auto car starters are helpful, but improper installation could void your warranty.Leave The Job To The Professionals To Protect Your Vehicle

Auto car starters can be a real blessing. They can save our behinds when we’re running late, or warm up our frigid vehicles during the winter season. Sadly, many car owners skip out on this blessing due to one very valid question: “Will installing an auto car starter void my vehicle’s warranty?”

Though sometimes this highlights a grey area, the answer, simply put is no – provided it is installed properly. Many dealerships have very specific guidelines when it comes to adding auto car starters to vehicles, and there are some loop holes that can void warranties.

If you want to avoid a messy ordeal while still enjoying the luxury of an auto starter, here is a brief overview to keep you and your vehicle’s warranty in the clear.

Many dealerships simply want to keep you and your business in house. If the dealership installs the auto starter, and something were to go wrong, their mechanic is at fault and they legally cannot void your warranty for their mistake.

The trouble really starts when car owners have an aftermarket auto starter installed to save on costs. Many dealerships charge a hefty amount for the addition, while aftermarket prices tend to be more reasonable. But not to worry! If you want an aftermarket auto car starter installed, your warranty is still safe. Just adding an auto starter can’t void your warranty – but poor installation can.

Warranties are voided when the installation is done improperly, causing damage to your vehicle in the process. Auto starters are gently nestled amongst many other mechanisms such as alarm systems and lock systems. One small misplacement can cause warranty-voiding damage to these surrounding parts. The auto starter’s extremely particular placement leaves little room for error, making it a very delicate procedure. This is why installing an auto car starter should be left to professionals – and only professionals. Trained mechanics know exactly what they’re doing, and will get the job done quickly and (more importantly) properly.

It’s a rare case of having your cake and eating it too. Aftermarket auto car
starters won’t void your warranty, provided you get the job done by a trained professional. If you try to take on the task yourself, you’re running the risk of causing damage to your vehicle and voiding your warranty. So go to the pros!

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