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Upgrading Your Vehicle: Xenon Headlights, Remote Starters And More

You’re sitting in your car at a red light when a fancy sports car pulls up beside you; stereo blaring, bass pumping, Xenon headlights, full tint, finished off with a custom license plate that simply says “BAWSS1”. You start to think to yourself “I really need to upgrade”. Fortunately for you, upgrading your car has […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of High Intensity Discharge Lamps

Most vehicles contain high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. They used in the headlamps of the vehicle. Some drivers have great results in using the HID headlights, where as others find disadvantages to using them. Advantages of HID Lamps The advantages of having HID lamps are plentiful. Xenon headlights offer a larger spectrum of visibility while […]