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Auto Car Starters And Warranties

Auto car starters are helpful, but improper installation could void your warranty.Leave The Job To The Professionals To Protect Your Vehicle

Auto car starters can be a real blessing. They can save our behinds when we’re running late, or warm up our frigid vehicles during the winter season. Sadly, many car owners skip out on this blessing due to one very valid question: “Will installing an auto car starter void my vehicle’s warranty?”

Though sometimes this highlights a grey area, the answer, simply put is no – provided it is installed properly. Many dealerships have very specific guidelines when it comes to adding auto car starters to vehicles, and there are some loop holes that can void warranties.

If you want to avoid a messy ordeal while still enjoying the luxury of an auto starter, here is a brief overview to keep you and your vehicle’s warranty in the clear.

Many dealerships simply want to keep you and your business in house. If the dealership installs the auto starter, and something were to go wrong, their mechanic is at fault and they legally cannot void your warranty for their mistake.

The trouble really starts when car owners have an aftermarket auto starter installed to save on costs. Many dealerships charge a hefty amount for the addition, while aftermarket prices tend to be more reasonable. But not to worry! If you want an aftermarket auto car starter installed, your warranty is still safe. Just adding an auto starter can’t void your warranty – but poor installation can.

Warranties are voided when the installation is done improperly, causing damage to your vehicle in the process. Auto starters are gently nestled amongst many other mechanisms such as alarm systems and lock systems. One small misplacement can cause warranty-voiding damage to these surrounding parts. The auto starter’s extremely particular placement leaves little room for error, making it a very delicate procedure. This is why installing an auto car starter should be left to professionals – and only professionals. Trained mechanics know exactly what they’re doing, and will get the job done quickly and (more importantly) properly.

It’s a rare case of having your cake and eating it too. Aftermarket auto car
starters won’t void your warranty, provided you get the job done by a trained professional. If you try to take on the task yourself, you’re running the risk of causing damage to your vehicle and voiding your warranty. So go to the pros!

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