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Remote Car Starter & Starter Installations in Ottawa

Remote starter and installation packages starting at $349.99!

Car remote starters, or auto car starters as they’re commonly known, are like remote controls for TVs.

AudioMotive has many models to choose from. Everything from the simple convenience of starting your vehicle from inside your home or office to warm it up or cool it down, to a “Two-Way” LCD remote car starter monitoring the security of your vehicle. There’s also a feature that allows you to call your car with no distance limitation with SmartStart or Drone Mobile. Cool, eh?

All AudioMotive Auto Remote Starter systems have the same high-quality operation and performance. They vary only in additional features and operating range. For automatic and manual transmissions, fuel injection and diesel vehicles only. AudioMotive also supplies everything you need to install these remote engine starters, including the interface module to enable the vehicle to start and run during the remote starting operation without a key in the ignition – even if you already have an aftermarket security system.

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Auto Remote Starter Installation & How It Works:

  • You activate the AudioMotive Auto Remote Starter with your remote.
  • The parking lights flash once to let you know that it has received the signal.
  • The AudioMotive Control Module verifies that the vehicle is in park (neutral safety switch). If not, it doesn’t start.
  • The AudioMotive Control Module supplies power to your ignition (just like turning it on with a key).
  • Then the Module supplies power to your starter for up to 6 seconds to start your engine.
  • The Module monitors your engine tachometer, knows when your engine starts, and releases the starter so it doesn’t grind the starter. In fact, it’s probably easier on your starter than us humans.

  • Then the Module turns on your heater or A/C. In the winter, leave your defroster on so it clears the frost off your windshield. No more scrapping windshields! In the summer, leave your A/C on. No more hopping into a hot car waiting for the A/C to begin working!
  • The Module keeps your vehicle running for a predetermined time and then shuts the engine off automatically if you get busy and don’t come out to drive your vehicle.
  • To drive away, you unlock the doors, get in, put the key in the ignition, turn the key on, put the vehicle in gear and drive away. The same as you always do! Nothing different, but with a cool remote car starter system in place!

AudioMotive Auto Remote Starter Systems also have a “Timer Mode.” If you live in cold country and your vehicle is parked outside, you can set the timer to automatically start your vehicle every three hours and warm it up, so it doesn’t “freeze up” overnight and refuse to start in the morning. With our car remote starter installation, you don’t have to worry about going outside at 2:00 AM to start your vehicle and warm it up! Some models have more than one setting. One model has a daytimer for 20 minutes run time once only.

And did you ever pull up to a store or at a friend’s house and leave your vehicle running with the key in the ignition “for just a minute” while you made a quick stop? That’s a good way to have your vehicle stolen! With an AudioMotive System, you can pull up, activate the auto remote starter, remove the key for safety, lock your doors and the engine keeps running without the key in the ignition.

The only problem we have found with AudioMotive Remote Car Starters is that once you have one, you won’t be able to live without it! Remote Car Starters are very addictive.

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Automatic & Remote Car Starters: What are the advantages?

  • Enjoy the convenience of not having to scrape frost off your windows in the winter! No more FREEZING while waiting for your vehicle to warm up.
  • And no more SIZZLING when hopping into a hot car and waiting for the A/C to work in the summer!
  • AudioMotive Remote Car Starters are designed to start and warm up your vehicle (or cool it down) in almost exactly the same way you start your vehicle with a key.
  • AudioMotive Remote Car Starter Modules are connected to your ignition, your starter, your engine tachometer, your neutral safety switch, your parking lights, your heater and your A/C systems.
  • You can start (and stop) your engine with the remote transmitter like the one shown on this site.
  • You can also lock and unlock your doors if your vehicle is equipped with factory power door locks; if not, we can add locks to your vehicle. It’s like having “keyless entry” on your vehicle, but you can also remotely start it!
  • No one can drive away with your vehicle when it’s warming up with the AudioMotive auto car starters. First, there is no key in the ignition, so it cannot be shifted out of neutral into drive. Second, the doors remain locked. Third, if someone does enter your vehicle, touching the brake pedal (without putting a key in the ignition first) shuts off the engine. Fourth, if your vehicle is equipped with a factory anti-theft system (so that it cannot be started without your specific matching key), the AudioMotive Systems do not compromise your factory anti-theft protection! 

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So, it’s just as safe to have your vehicle warming-up in front of your house, or outside work, or at the mall with an AudioMotive Remote Car Starter as it would be if it were just parked there! What’s not safe is to have your key in the ignition warming up your vehicle while you’re in the house. Anyone could just get in and drive it away. What’s more, it is illegal in many provinces/states to have an unoccupied vehicle running with the key in the ignition. And try explaining that theft to your insurance company!

So, for convenience and safety, warm-up your vehicle with an AudioMotive  remote car starter, not with a key left in the ignition.

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