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What are HID / Xenon Headlamps?

HID headlights or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) is a type of lighting technology that is primarily different from the conventional halogen bulbs that use a heated tungsten filament.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon lamps for Xenon headlights are different from halogen lamps in that they create light by the arc between two electrodes, not a filament. The arc reacts with Xenon gas, which ignites the metal halide salts inside. The light produced by an HID Xenon lighting system is greater than a standard halogen bulb and with less power consumption and less heat. On the road, HID Xenon headlights appear as a bright white beam, resembling natural daylight. This bright white beam offers the greatest visibility and on road safety.

At AudioMotive we provide HID Lighting Kits, HID headlight conversion, Xenon headlamps, Xenon bulbs, Bi-xenon HID and any custom HID installation your car requires.

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How Do I Know What Kind of HID Conversion Kit or HID Headlights/Xenon Bulbs to Order?

With so many vehicle makes, models, and trim levels, it is very important that you check and make sure what type of bulb your specific vehicle needs. You can find the bulb type for your car in many locations. The most common place is the headlight lens itself, the bulb type will be stamped/molded into it. Another place is on the bulb itself, the bulb type and wattage will be molded or printed onto the base.

The vehicle owner’s manual should also tell you what type of bulb you need for your vehicles head lights and/or fog lights. If you still cannot find the bulb type you need, we can tell you what kind of bulbs your vehicle uses. Once we know the correct bulb information, we can provide you with the proper HID conversion kit.

Xenon 3000K

Has an approximately 3200lm output, which is more than 3x the light output of traditional halogen light. 3000K emits a GOLDEN YELLOW colour and offers superior penetration power during adverse weather, typically in dense fog. The applications of the 3000K kit aim more towards secondary lighting apparatus such as high beam and fog lights.

The 3000K capsule is actually a 4300K capsule specially coated with a UV film that filters out all the wavelength except the range that emits yellow. This is the colour temperature that will catch all the attention on the road.

Xenon HID Bulbs 4300K

Has an approximately 3400lm output, which is more than 3x the light output of traditional halogen light and is the colour temperature with the most output. The light appears fairly white and has a light yellowish hue when reflected off the road, identical to the OEM HID-equipped vehicles. This colour is for customers who are looking for pure performance while improving the look of their headlights. It is ideal for customers who do a lot of backroad driving and need optimal visibility. This is the colour temperature that gives you the most light for your money, akin to “creamy white.”

Xenon HID Bulbs 6000K

Has an approximately 2800lm output, which is 3x the light of traditional halogen lights and slightly less light output compared to 5000K. Although it has a bit less light output, it emits pure white light with very slight and barely noticeable tint of blue. Think of this as a “stark white.”

Xenon HID Bulbs 8000K

Has an approximately 2550lm output, which is about 3x the light of traditional halogen light and slightly less light output compared to 6000K. While it has a bit lesser light output, it emits bluer light than the 6000K, one of the most common Xenon bulbs found in the market.

Xenon Bulbs 10000K

Has an approximately 2200lm output, which is more than 2x the light output of traditional halogen light. 10000K produces a deep blue light output approaching violet, and the blue is noticeably deeper than the 8000K.

Xenon HID Bulbs 12000K

Has an approximately 2100lm output, which is more than 2x the light output of traditional halogen light. This colour temperature puts out a deep bluish violet light and is deeper coloured than 10000K. It is for the customer who is looking for the most extreme and most exotic looking HID Light output.

All HID Headlights / Xenon HID Bulbs vary slightly in colour due to power difference.
Most kits with the same “K” will look almost exactly the same to the naked eye.

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