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Dangerous Auto Remote Starter Misconceptions

Someone starting their car with a car starter during the dayPutting the Brakes on These Myths about Auto Car Starters

In a perfect world, every car accessory would be as simple and straightforward as that pair of fuzzy dice you got right after passing your G1 test (where you could simply hang them, feel really cool for a few months, and then feel intense shame every time anyone brings them up afterwards—that easy!). But more advanced electronic components, like auto remote starters, are a bit of a different story. Unfortunately, some drivers seem to think that these components are as simple as your old fuzzy dice. Here, we’ll bust some common misconceptions about auto car starters so you don’t make the same mistakes:

Compatibility Issues

So you’re heading for your car, and you use the remote to ignite the engine. Now you try to use the car’s keyless entry feature that came built in, and… nothing happens. The doors won’t open with the engine running, as a safety feature, and your brand new remote car starter isn’t connected in any way to the doors. If this is a problem you can see yourself running into, you’ll want to invest in a starter that works with doors as well, since most that don’t will have similar compatibility issues with your keyless entry system.

The Range is Not the Range

On the package of every auto remote starter unity is a range, listed as a measure of distance. You may think that 300 feet is more than enough range, but you’d be surprised—these ranges are somewhat misleading. The truth is, they only apply in open air with absolutely no obstructions or radio interference. So unless you’re living in the arctic tundra of the Yukon, then you’ll want to highball it on the range of your unit. More range equals more power, and a more powerful unit means being to start your car remotely from a comfortable distance regardless of obstruction.

No, Not Just Anyone Can Install It

Auto car starters aren’t simple. An improper installation can prevent it from functioning at best, and damage your car at worst. You absolutely must—and we can’t emphasize this point enough—have it installed by a qualified professional, and preferably the same one who sold you the unit. Don’t do it yourself, don’t let your brother even try, and especially don’t take it to Jim’s Discount Garage and Grocery Depot. Make sure to buy it from a location that has experience in installing auto car starters, one where the staff are knowledgeable about their products and which one is best for you and your vehicle. Then you can feel comfortable that your auto remote starter will serve you well for years to come!

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