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Auto Starters Offer Great Benefits if Installed Properly

Someone starting their white car with a car starter


Auto starters offer different benefits for the average mother all the way to the business man. The weather conditions leave the driver wishing they could prestart their car with a push of a button. That is exactly what the auto starters accomplish. Those in a hurry or have their arms full also find using this astonishing product accommodating.

Those who have a vehicle they already love can purchase a remote car starter installation kit or have them installed by a professional on their existing vehicle. It is crucial that the starter be match up with your make and model. Improper installation can lead to problems with the electrical system and more. It is suggested to speak with a professional about the remote car starter installation before you start.

How to Install Auto Starters

Recheck the installation kit to ensure it is the correct starter for your make and model. Incompatibilities will cause you to spend more money on replacement parts; in some cases can total a car.

  • Cover your bases and read the instructions that were included in the remote car starter installation kit. It is also a great idea to check out the installation guide provided online for the specific starter you are working with.
  • Once you are ready to start, decide where the main module should go. It will need to be secured in place and where the wires will not be over extended.
  • You will then need to locate removable panels in the dashboard. This is to mount controls and LED indicators. If necessary, you are able to enlarge pre-existing holes.
  • To wire auto starters, you will need a soldering iron. This is to connect the wires together. Locate the power wire. The power wire is either connected to the vehicle’s battery or the power wire connected to the ignition switch. Connect the power wires from the starter to the power wires on the car.
  • Then you will connect the wire that supports power to the ignition system and the fuel pump.
  • Attach the accessory wires together. These supply power to the heating and cooling controls of the vehicle.
  • The next wire should be the power wire to the starter solenoid. Also referred to as the starter wire.
  • The following wires are the lights and the brake lights. They are normally found where the light switches are located.
  • You will then ground your wire. Attach the ground wire to an unpainted metal surface that is clean. Never attach the grounding wire to a battery terminal.
  • Locate the tachometer wire and then connect it. It is located in the engine distributor or the coil pack. In order to find the tachometer, reference the car’s owner manual or follow the spark plug wires to where they meet.
  • If your vehicle has an anti-theft or other security features this is where you will be connecting them to the auto starters.
  • You will then test the connections before installing the fuse for the main power. Fasten any loose wires together for organization and wire safety.

Prior to starting the project, read over the instructions. If you should have any questions, call the manufacturer for troubleshooting or talk to them about any concerns with the remote car starter installation kit. It is better to ask then to replace your electrical system in your vehicle.

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