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Auto Starters: The Perfect Accessory for Perfectly Busy People

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Let’s face it, when we’re busy, most of us become as lazy as we can get away with. Dressing up for work? The first pieces of clothing pulled from the closet seem fine. Cooking dinner? That take out restaurant suddenly never looked better. In terms of driving, auto starters are the accessory that complements busy people with busy lives.

According to Statistics Canada, close to 70% of people in Ottawa drive to work, usually spending a significant amount of time commuting every day. Not only do auto starters decrease the time spent preparing to drive, but they come with additional benefits as well!

How does it Save Time?

Auto starters save time by allowing you to turn on your car’s systems while you’re still in your house. This eliminates the time needed to wait for the car to become heated. During the wintertime, this is particularly useful for melting off the ice and snow. After a car remote starter installation, you’ll be given a remote that allows you to control your car within a distance of around 180 to 300 metres.

Increased Comfort

Apart from saving time, many people choose to install auto starters for the comfort of having a cool or warm car before they enter. These starters can be controlled to turn the climate control on, which regulate the temperature within the car in a matter of minutes. For those long commutes and early mornings, it’s best to enter your car comfortable and ready to go!


Rest assured, your car still needs a key to become active, so using an auto starter won’t make your car more likely to get stolen. While a click can turn on your car’s engine, it can’t shift the gears into drive mode without a key. As an added safety feature, most auto starters have a locking and unlocking option available on them.

Resale Value

In an area with extreme climate conditions (Ottawa is definitely no exception), auto starters significantly increase the resale value of your car. Of course your car’s condition is your number one selling point, but having this bonus certainly doesn’t hurt.

Extending Your Car’s Longevity

Did you know that auto starters can also extend your car’s longevity? Car remote starter installation only requires one day, but significantly increases the car’s lifespan. When you turn on your engine prior to driving, you’re actually giving the engine time to warm up its lubricants. It’s like how you would warm up before playing a sports game—you’re much less prone to injuries.

Car remote starter installation is an addition you should consider for your busy lifestyle, since it improves the general convenience and comfort in your life. It’s an accessory that never goes out of style!


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