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Busting Myths About Auto Starters

A set of car keys paired with basic auto starters.

Tips to Help You Buy the Right Auto Remote Starter for Your Vehicle

Remote auto starters are a convenient feature to add to your vehicle. You can start your car from the comfort of your home, warming things up on cold winter mornings and cooling things off on hot summer days.

Auto starters are incredibly helpful and help ease stress on the morning commute… so why aren’t more people using them?

The most likely reason is that people simply don’t understand how these products work. Whether through misinformation online or through word of mouth, there are a few common misconceptions and myths about auto starters.

When shopping for your new auto remote starter, consider the following information to find the right starter for your vehicle.

Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Auto Starters

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s a fact of life, and part of the learning process.

Of course, that’s all well and good until you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a product that’s not compatible with your car, or on an auto starter that doesn’t meet your needs.

Doing a bit of research (or simply taking a trip to chat with the experts here at AudioMotive) can help save you time, money, and get you the information you need to find the perfect remote starter for your vehicle.

Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes people make when buying a starter—and what you can do to avoid them.

Avoid Auto Starters With Low Transmitter Ranges

Auto remote starters use radio frequency signals to reach vehicles at various distances. The radio frequency transmittance distance is determined by its power.

This is what an auto starter’s range refers to, typically between 500 feet and 5,000 feet.

Drivers often buy short-range auto starters, since their cars are parked within a short distance from their homes.

But say your car is parked in a garage, or you’re parked in a lot with a few buildings between you and your vehicle. These structures interfere with radio frequencies, and the more interference, the harder it is for a shorter-range starter to get your engine moving.

This is where transmittance power comes in. Generally speaking, the greater the transmitter range, the more transmittance power an auto starter has.

For example, 1,500-foot models have three times the power of a 500-foot model, and 5,000-foot models have 10 times the power of a 500-foot model.

As a result, if you want your remote starter to work anywhere, consider remote starters with higher transmitter range.

Skip Low-Quality Auto Starters

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Sure, you can find a cheap auto remote starter online or from any auto parts store. But you are taking a chance with its level of quality.

To find a high-quality product you can rely on, you’re better off shopping at retailers who specialize in remote car starters and installations. They will have plenty of quality products to choose from, from basic starters to starters with advanced features. And they will offer professional installation.

Specialty shops sell top-quality products they trust. They won’t sell faulty products that will cause them plenty of headaches and a loss of customers.

Not Choosing the Right Features

Remote car starters come with plenty of convenient features these days. But some models are more basic than others, meaning you could get stuck with one that doesn’t do everything you had hoped for.

To avoid disappointment, be clear about the features you want when shopping for remote starters.

Aside from basic starters that will start and stop a vehicle from a distance, some additional features to look for include:

  • Keyless entry
  • Trunk release
  • Heat/AC
  • Heated seats
  • Window defrost
  • Security monitoring

Why Professional Installation is Worth It

Having a friend install your remote starter may save you in upfront costs. But it may not work, and it could cause costly damage to your vehicle that isn’t covered in your vehicle’s warranty.

Do yourself and your car a favour and opt for professional installation by a remote starter specialist. The pros are trained and experienced with the complex wiring of vehicles. And a professional installation won’t void your warranty.

Install at the Seller’s Shop

If you buy a cheap starter from one place and go to a specialty shop for installation, there’s a good chance the pros won’t install it. So you will likely be stuck with a low-quality starter and installation.

Only buy remotes from places that offer installation and make use of their service. It is worth it to ensure you have a quality product and installation since the shop is accountable for the function of your starter.

Common Myths About Auto Remote Starters

Making an aftermarket upgrade to your vehicle can cause worry, especially when you don’t know what to believe.

There are several myths about remote car starters that may prevent you from making the upgrade. To help ease your worries, here are common myths about car starters and the actual truth behind them.

Myth: Auto Remote Starters Void Car Warranties

Fact: If installed by a trained, experienced remote starter technician, they will not void your warranty.

Myth: Remote Starters are Bad for Cars

Fact: Starting your car ahead of time is actually good for the engine and can increase the life of your engine. And with professional installation, you can avoid damage to your car wiring.

Myth: Car Starters Waste Gas

Fact: Warming the engine and thinning the oil before driving can improve your gas mileage.

Myth: You Can’t Use Auto Remote Starters with Manual Transmissions

Fact: This myth was true… once upon a time when technology hadn’t reached the level it’s at today. Nowadays, there are remote starters for both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

Added Remote Starter Advantages

With today’s technology, auto remote starters have many convenient features to make your life easier:

  • Lock and unlock car doors (especially from further distances than your car’s factory remote). This helps when you can’t remember if you locked the doors and you don’t want to go back to your car.
  • Open your trunk effortlessly. This is ideal when your hands are full of shopping bags and you only have one finger free to press the trunk button. 
  • Start your vehicle without having to step outside. This is ideal in winter when you need to let your engine warm up before driving. 
  • Heat your vehicle ahead of time on cold days so your car is warm and toasty when you get in. 
  • Defrost windows so you don’t have to spend a lot of time removing ice and snow from your car. 
  • Turn on the air conditioning to cool down your car on hot summer days so you can avoid discomfort and burning yourself on the seats and seat belts. 
  • Monitor your car with security features an be notified if someone is trying to break into your car. 

Keep this information in mind when shopping for a remote starter. 

Look for a high-quality starter that is reliable and suits your needs, and opt for professional installation so you can avoid costs and headaches in the future.

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