From Subtle To Extreme We Have You Covered!

Looking to build a clean and subtle looking sound system to replace the old one? Just looking to replace the head unit for a touchscreen? Maybe you’re looking to kit-out your import with a sound system that leaves your friends drooling.

Whatever the reason for the new set up, the most important part is the sound.

Why settle for background noise when you could make every drive an experience!

Having experts set up your car audio means classical music will be crisp and clean – you’ll hear the piano being played in the car with you. Your playlist will pump through the woofers making it seem like your favourite artist is singing in the passenger seat.

Why learn about electrical engineering, audio equalization, and car modifications when you could have an expert save you the time, energy and hassle?

If you have questions about car audio installation or need more information, please contact us here.

Our Car Audio & Stereo
Services in Ottawa include:

  • Installation of car stereos and entertainment units
  • Installation of car speakers
  • Installation of amplifiers
  • Installation of Android Auto and Apple Car Play units
  • Supply of all car audio components

Why Do You Need a Good Car Stereo?

If you have to travel quite a long way every day, then travelling might become a chore. Driving alone is a tiresome job, and driving alone in an age-old car without a stereo system is a nightmare. In that case, you need a car audio system that can give you relief from the boredom of driving a long, tedious way alone! If you have a stereo in your car, you can listen to your favourite song during your drive and it will help you forget the time.

Car Audio Installation

You can install the new car stereo system in your car yourself, or get help from specialists. If you remove your old car stereo successfully, you can also install the new audio system without any difficulty as the processes are the same, but in reverse. When removing the old factory car stereo, you must follow some general steps to avoid accidents regarding short circuit and other issues that can damage your car audio systems. The best recommendation is to have a car audio stereo installation performed by a specialist that is accredited and has experience with your type of vehicle.

Some of the car audio stereo and accessory lines we carry are: