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Choose Your Accessories and Lighting To Show Off Your Style

Two hatchback cars with custom trunks which have bigger speakers and RGB lights

Car audio systems are paramount to having the perfect car. Your audio system should be playing the music you love and have the quality you need to enhance your ride with your favourite tunes. Car audio Ottawa installation places systems in your car that you will enjoy to the fullest.

With your new audio system, you will ride with joy as the music is carrying you with quality. If you need quality sound in your vehicle and you want a delicious sound system to make your ride a pleasure. Car audio Ottawa installation makes this dream a reality.

If you want more bass in your rap tunes or more treble to enjoy your favourite arias in opera or are you needing a clearer system to enjoy the pop you love to jam down the road? We want you bouncing in your car to your music. Let us help you get the system of your dreams to bring your music to life as you drive.

Get your car started before you get in

Auto starters are the latest gadgets you will love, because they keep you warm and toasty. With a push of a button that frozen car is running so don’t have to. Now a warm and ready car is all perfect for you to go out and all you had to do was push your auto starter. How great is this for ease? Auto starters are what you need to stop running out into the cold to start your vehicle.
Waiting in the warm house is a much better option and this is worth the money to get you going without having to take time to go and start the car, especially if you are running late. Auto starters save time and when you get to the car you are ready to go. Auto starters make life much easier in the winter.

Added Features You might want for your Vehicle

Get your windows tinted and xenon headlights installed with quality and detail. Get your ride looking sharp and get all of the accessories that will show off your excellent taste. With all these added features your car will be like a new ride and you can show it off with a smile. Your car needs to reflect your personality and with added accessories, you can accentuate with just about anything to make it more stylish because it’s your ride and you can show it off with pride.

About AudioMotive

For over 10 years, AudioMotive has and continues to be, Ottawa’s premier vehicle upgrade experts. With more than 25 years of combined industry experience, we proudly specialize in all things related to HID lighting and mobile electronics sales and installation.