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Considerations for Car Window Tinting

Use an Online Tint Simulator to Determine the Best Tint for Your Car

car window tintingHave you ever sat in traffic next to a vehicle with tinted windows and wondered who is inside? Tinted windows add privacy and a sense of luxury to any vehicle. However, there are also practical reasons to getting your car windows tinted. If you are considering  having this done to your vehicle and aren’t sure how it will look when finished, you can use an online tint simulator that provides you with a preview of the finished look. Additionally, you should consider the pros and cons of window tinting to make sure your tint is right for you.

The Pros

Deciding to tint your windows comes with a number of benefits other than just the aesthetic:

A Sense of Luxury

As previously mentioned, tinted windows make us think of high-end vehicles and the lifestyle that comes along with them. Car window tinting can enhance the look of your vehicle and make it feel more expensive.

Theft Deterrent

When you park your vehicle in a public space, it is common practice to make sure your values are stowed out of sight, either in the glove compartment, in the trunk, or sometimes even shoved under your seat. Tinted windows minimize the extra time you take to hide precious items while also giving you peace of mind if you happen to forget moving your valuables out of sight. It won’t be as easy for potential thieves to see inside, keeping your valuables safer.

Protect the Interior

A darker tint blocks UV rays from the sun that can damage your leather interior and stylish carpeting in your vehicle. Window tinting will prolong the life of your car interior so that colours are preserved and don’t fade over time.

Regulate Temperature and Protect You from the Sun

You do everything you can to keep the interior of your car cool on hot summer days; but finding a shady parking spot isn’t always an option. With tinted windows your car remains cooler so it is more comfortable when you climb in. Additionally, just as tinting protects your interior from sun damage, darker tints will also protect you from harmful UV rays while you are driving.


Nothing comes without concerns. Consider some of these points when tinting your car windows:


Over time the film used to tint your windows can peel. Once the tint begins to peel, the entire film will need to be removed from the window and be replaced. However, some window tints last longer than others. Consider going with a trusted brand name when having this done; and you can also do an extra scratch-resistant coating to prevent possible damage to your tinted window surface.


Very dark tint can reduce visibility. Although tinting is designed to allow you to see clearly out the window from inside your car, some people find it to be too dark at night or in reduced light. Also, make sure you double check at what percentage you are allowed to legally tint your vehicle’s windows. Extra dark tinting can be illegal in some areas. Vehicles with tinted windows also may gain more attention from police. If you are unsure what is allowed or safe, it is always advisable to consult with an expert.

However dark you decide to tint your car’s windows, make sure that the tint is installed professionally to reduce the possibility of potential problems or issues. Tinted windows can be a great addition to your vehicle, so make sure it is done correctly. And don’t forget to enjoy your vehicle’s snazzy new look!

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