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Dash Cam Accessories: What You Need and What You Don’t

Dash cams are a valuable investment for any driver. They provide an extra layer of protection and can provide valuable evidence in case of an accident. But while the dash cam itself is an essential piece of equipment, there are many accessories on the market that promise to enhance your experience.

Let’s review some of the most useful dash cam accessories below, as well as some unnecessary or overpriced items to avoid.

Why You Should Get A Dash Cam

Before we dive into the world of dash cam accessories, let’s first discuss why you should consider getting a dash cam. For starters, it provides added security for your vehicle. In the event of an accident, a dash cam can provide video evidence that can help you prove your case in court. And for a little extra confidence, dash cams can deter criminals from targeting your vehicle, as they know they’re being recorded.

Dash cams are also a great tool for capturing memorable moments on the road, such as a scenic drive or a hilarious moment with your friends. And with the increasing popularity of YouTube channels and Instagram reels dedicated to dash cam footage, your memorable moment could even go viral.

Some Accessories For Dash Cams

Now, let’s move on to the accessories. Here are some of the most useful dash cam accessories you should consider:
H3: Hardwire Kits
Hardwire kits are a must-have accessory for any serious dash cam user. They allow you to hardwire your dash cam directly to your vehicle’s electrical system, ensuring a constant power supply. This means that your dash cam will always be on and recording, even when your vehicle is turned off. Hardwire kits also free up your USB or cigarette lighter socket, which can be used for charging your phone or other devices.

Suction Cup Mounts

A suction cup mount is another essential accessory for your dash cam. It allows you to easily attach and remove your dash cam from your windshield or dashboard. This is especially useful if you need to remove your dash cam for any reason, such as when parked in an area with high theft risk. Suction cup mounts are also adjustable, so you can position your dash cam to get the best angle and view.

Memory Cards

Memory cards are essential for recording and storing dash cam footage. They come in different storage capacities, ranging from 16GB to 256GB. When choosing a memory card, make sure it is compatible with your dash cam and has a sufficient storage capacity. It’s also important to choose a high-quality memory card to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

Accessories You Could Pass On

While there are many useful dash cam accessories, there are also some that are unnecessary or overpriced. Here are some accessories you could pass on:
GPS modules: While GPS modules can provide location data in your footage, they are not essential for most dash cam users. Most dash cams come with built-in GPS features, or you can use your phone’s GPS to get location data.

Rearview cameras: While rearview cameras can provide additional coverage, they are not essential for most drivers. Unless you frequently park in tight spaces or have a large vehicle, you can pass on this accessory.

In-car monitors: In-car monitors are often overpriced and not very useful for most drivers. You can easily view your footage on your phone or computer, so there’s no need to invest in an expensive in-car monitor.

How To Install Dash Cams with Accessories

Installing a dash cam with accessories can be a simple process, especially if you’re used to working with automotive electrical hardware. However, if you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry. We offer professional installation services to ensure that your dash cam is installed properly and securely.

If you choose to install your dash cam on your own, here are some general steps to follow:

Mount your dash cam on the suction cup mount or other mount provided with the dash cam.
Connect the power cable to the dash cam
Connect the other end of the power cable to your vehicle’s power source. If you are using a hardwire kit, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring the kit to your vehicle’s electrical system.
Insert the memory card into the dash cam. Make sure the memory card is properly inserted and that your dash cam is set to record to the memory card.
Adjust the angle and position of the dash cam using the suction cup mount or other mount provided with the dash cam.
Turn on your vehicle and make sure the dash cam is recording. Test the dash cam to ensure that it is capturing footage properly.

However, if you’re not comfortable with installing a dash cam on your own, or if you want to ensure that it is installed properly, our professional installation services are available.

We have experienced technicians who can install your dash cam and accessories quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your dash cam is functioning properly and providing you with the peace of mind you need while driving.


Dash cam accessories can enhance your experience and provide added functionality to your dash cam. However, not all accessories are necessary or worth the investment.

By focusing on the essentials, such as hardwire kits, suction cup mounts, and memory cards, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your dash cam without breaking the bank. And with proper installation and use, your dash cam and accessories can provide valuable evidence and memories for years to come.

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