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Driver Protection From UV Rays

Online tint simulators can help you find a tint that'll protect you from UV exposureWindow Tinting Can Help Prevent Exposure To Harmful UV Rays

Wearing sunglasses in your car is a no-brainer, but have you ever considered putting on sunscreen for your morning commute? Not likely – but did you know that most vehicle windows don’t provide sufficient protection against repeated and prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays? Drivers with a regular commute experience that sort of exposure on a regular basis, increasing their risk for sun-damaged skin. You can even use an online tint simulator to see how a your brand-new or classic car will look before you make the upgrade.

As mentioned above, the damage caused by harmful UV rays is cumulative, so constantly exposing the same skin every day exponentially raises the risk of developing melanoma. This is especially apparent in drivers, since people drive the same route, exposed to sunlight from the same direction, every day. In fact, studies have found that in North America there is a significantly higher amount of sun damage and squamous cell carcinoma on the left side of the body (particularly the face and arm), which means that a driver is six times more likely to develop melanoma or other sun-damage-related skin conditions than a passenger. You need something to filter all those harmful UV rays, since your regular commute isn’t exactly something you can avoid. So what can you do?

Before you start investing in a year’s supply of SPF 50 sunscreen,  know that window tinting is a simple preventative measure against sun damage to your skin. In comes the online tint simulator, which allows you to see how a particular shade of tinting will look on your vehicle.

Some types of window tinting have been found to block anywhere from 93 to 99% of UV rays, and an online tint simulator can help you test many of them without the expense and risk of applying something you won’t like to your car. It should be noted that window tinting is not a completely guaranteed way to prevent all skin cancer, and you should always consult a professional dermatologist if you have any questions or concerns. The best we can do is take preventative measures, and window tinting is absolutely a step in the right direction.

Trying an online tint simulator helps remove the anxiety of how a tint will look on your vehicle and allows you to get comfortable with how dark your windows will look after tinting. Be sure to double check local laws for how dark a tint is legal. If the online tint simulator isn’t enough to convince you, your local auto shop should be more than happy to answer any further inquiries you might have.

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