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Everything You Need To Know About Installing Xenon Headlights

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Car customization has becoming increasingly accessible to a wider audience of people. Even just a few years ago tinted windows, body kits and flashy headlights were only seen on the cars of those who were passionate about the industry and who had the expertise to do much of the work themselves. However, in the last few years, car customization has become about more than just looks – it’s now used as a way to make cars safer and more functional, and even soccer moms and grandparents are getting in on the action.

Xenon Headlights in Ottawa

One of the most popular forms of customization is upgrading to Xenon headlights. These headlights, which are available from most Ottawa car components shops, are brighter, more efficient and exponentially safer than the stock headlights that cars are made with – it’s no wonder so many people are having them installed.

If better visibility at night appeals to you, purchasing Xenon headlights from a local Ottawa car components shop is the way to go.

Here is what you need to know before you make your decision:

What are they?

Xenon headlights are much different from halogen headlights. For starters, the light produced by Xenon headlights is bright white, not yellow like standard headlights, and mimics natural daylight, making driving at night much safer. They also produce less heat and use less energy than halogen bulbs. These lights work by sending an arc of electricity between two electrodes, which then reacts with the Xenon gas inside, creating an intense light. Though these headlights cost slightly more at Ottawa car components stores, they have a long life expectancy and pay off when you see how much brighter they make the road at night.

Why are they better?

The number one cause of car collisions or crashes at night is low visibility. With standard headlights, the yellow cast of the filament can only go so far, but with Xenon headlights the intense white beam of light effectively shines much brighter and further, illuminating more of the road. Xenon headlights also make you more visible to other people (and animals) on the road, and with their energy-efficiency and long life-expectancy, you really can’t go wrong. Xenon headlights also come in a variety of different intensities and types, so working with an Ottawa car components store is a good place to start. They’ll be able to pair you with the perfect headlights for your needs.

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