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Get Your Car Road-Trip Ready with the Audio Upgrades It Deserves

Summer is the Right Time for an Audio Upgrade

Summer is approaching. Opportunities for road-trips are increasing. With the vaccine rollout underway, summer might end up being a great season for avid drivers. That’s why now is the right time to give your vehicle an audio upgrade.

Whether you’re the type of driver to explore the country in your car, get away to the cottage for the weekend, or blast music like it’s AC, there’s definitely an audio upgrade that’ll speak to you. Summer is better with audio, after all.

Read below to learn about the audio upgrades that we recommend getting to make your vehicle the ultimate summer machine.

Why Great Audio Can Make or Break a Road Trip

First, let’s talk about sound quality.

The sound quality of an audio system might deteriorate over time. This is particularly likely if you’ve had your vehicle for a while. It’s easy to get used to the sound your vehicle produces, as it’s hard to notice a difference over time – however, someone who is rarely in your vehicle will be able to pick up on what sound your vehicle produces.

Now, let’s talk about road trips.

A good road trip involves going from point A to point B with an adventurous approach. A great road trip appeals to all of your senses: you’ll stop at exciting destinations, eat great food, and create a soundtrack that enhances the entire experience. Whether you make an ultimate road trip playlist or simply pass the aux cord around, you’ll want your tunes to sound crisp and clear. Some crowds may prefer audiobooks or podcasts on their road trip – and these formats demand clear audio.

With the right audio system, your musical selection won’t sound the way it deserves to – you’ll get scratchy, fuzzy audio instead of good-quality audio.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your audio system, a road trip is the perfect excuse to do it. What better time is there to debut your new audio system?

Audio Upgrades For The Summer

New Car Stereo/Entertainment System

Go big or go home! With a brand new stereo, your passengers will notice the new look and sound of your vehicle’s audio experience. There are plenty of different types of components of a stereo, ranging in size, material, power, and brand – and these traits may affect the functionality of the other audio equipment in your vehicle.

With this upgrade and all others, we recommend talking to a professional about what’s right for your vehicle.

New Car Speaker

A brand-new speaker provides a difference you can really hear. Think of your favourite song – and imagine hearing it as smoothly as possible. No scratches, no fuzzy sounds. It’ll sound like the band or musician is playing the tune just for you.

New Amplifier

As the name suggests, an amplifier takes a charge an ‘amplifies’ it – in other words, it can increase the power of audio without sacrificing its sound quality.

This upgrade would come in handy on those hot days where you want to blast music while your passengers sing along (or, dare we say scream along) to the lyrics.

New Subwoofer

Music is complex – it’s made up of multiple different parts that combine to create what you hear. Some of those parts can be categorized by how low they are – most notably, that includes the bass. You may not always notice the bass, but you will notice it if it is flawed.

With poor sound quality, bass will sound rough and explosive – but with a subwoofer, you’ll hear the percussion of a music clearly, producing great audio overall.

New Android Auto/Apple Car Play Units

Android Auto and Apple Car Play make it easy to connect your Android phone, iPhone, or tablet to your car’s audio system. These are simple but convenient upgrades that can unlock a world of possibilities that stretch beyond playing your phone’s music in your car.

Learn more about our audio upgrade options.

Other Great Summer Upgrades

Tinted Windows

Everyone knows that tinted windows give you privacy in your car, but there are plenty more benefits. They can reduce the damage that causes fading in your vehicle’s interior, and they can reduce the damage to your skin that comes from UV rays. It’s the perfect touch-up for summer driving.

Learn more about tinted windows.

Remote Starter

Remote starters make it easy to control your vehicle from anywhere. No more lengthy searches throughout the massive beach parking lot to find your car – you can find your car and control its doors and trunk from anywhere with a remote starter. Plus, you can use it cool off your vehicle before you get in, so that when you are ready to go, your car won’t feel like a sauna.

Learn more about remote starters.

Wheel Upgrades

For automobile lovers, there’s nothing that feels better than fresh wheels and tires hitting the pavement or crunching up the gravel. If you’re thinking about upgrading your wheels, check out our custom wheel simulator.


Your next road trip deserves to be an exciting one. With the right vehicle upgrade, you can transform your entire road trip experience with fresh-sounding audio.

Interested in giving your vehicle an upgrade? Have any questions about your car’s audio system? At AudioMotive, we can help. Contact us today!

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