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How to Gain the Benefits of Tinting your Auto Windows

Male tinting a driver side window.


Auto tinting is an extremely popular modification. Although it adds a nice appeal to any vehicle, there is functionality to car window tinting. By using tinting on your vehicle, you will extend the life of your interior. It will also lower the UV rays that you and your passengers will endure by 99.9% while inside the vehicle with car window tinting.

Auto tinting alleviates the heat caused by the sun shining through the glass of the windows. This will help when cooling the vehicle during the summer months. The tinting will also illuminate some of the glare displayed by the sun rays bouncing off of the glass.

Tints Available

Firstly it is important to figure out what the regulations are in your state for car window tinting. There are some grades of tinting that are illegal due to a limited view. Owning a car with darker windows than permitted will result in tickets and fines. To figure out what limit is set for your tinting, you are able to call a local DMV or a window tint installer.

Once you figure out which tinting is legal for your area, you will be able to choose the type of tinting. There are tints available that offer a mirror effect, different colours, and even metallic. Another consideration when choosing the type of car window tinting is the form the tinting is in. OEM tinted glass is tinted within the glass. Coating tint is a coating method that is sprayed onto the glass. The last and final option, which is the most popular, is film tinting. It is a film applies over your windows.

How to Apply Film Tinting

The first step in applying the auto tinting is to clean your windows. Ensure that the window is clean thoroughly and the gasket that holds your window is also cleaned. Allow the window to dry completely then use a razor blade to scrape off any soap residue.

Next, you will measure and cut the film. To allow the window to be completely closed, leave at the minimum a one-inch space between the film and the edge of the window. To ensure the film is correct, measure twice.

Position the auto tinting so the straight edge on the bottom extends to a quarter of an inch below the top located from the inside casket. Lower your window, and then make sure that there is a one-inch gap between the end of the film and the edge of the window.

Once you have the film in place, spray the solution included with your film tint. Carefully peel away the film liner very carefully. Once the liner is removed, squeegee air out of the film and you are finished applying the tinting.

This is a do-it-yourself project. If you are not familiar with film tinting, you are able to hire a professional to apply the film for you. Some amateur jobs produce air bubbles and the job does not last long. Auto tinting can be tricky.

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