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Keep Warm with an Automatic Car Starter

How Auto Car Starters Make Winter Driving Bearable

winter carNow that our brief stint of oddly warm winter weather has come to a sad end, we are forced to face our traditional frigid temperatures. Every year we dread the coming of minus-thirty, or even forty, degree weather, and perhaps secretly wish humans had adopted hibernation like our animal counterparts.

Sadly, that’s wishful thinking, but luckily we Canadians have our own ways of combatting the winter blues. Like the promise of a warm cup of coffee and a chocolate dip doughnut, or the thought of skating the canal while stuffing our faces with beaver tails and frozen maple until we’re sick.

While all of that is lovely, we’re still forced up and out into the cold to begin our daily commutes to work every other day. We’ve all been there–from the minute our alarm clocks sound, to convincing ourselves to open the door, only to be faced with a bitter gust of wind and a mad dash to our vehicles. If your vehicle has been sitting motionless overnight in the cold, chances are you’re going to be met with the all too familiar feeling of a frigidly cold car seat, and rubbing your mitted hands furiously as you crank the heater, waiting for your ice-box on wheels to warm up so you can get going.

This is where automatic car starters become a saving grace. While you are still cozy inside, you can start your car, allowing it to warm up; making your morning routine a little less miserable.

Now, there has been debate about whether pre-starting your car is purely a personal benefit, or if it has any benefit to the car itself. Under normal weather conditions, automatically starting your car beforehand doesn’t really help the vehicle. In the winter on the other hand, more specifically during our harsh winters, installing an auto car starter does have a couple of benefits. Allowing your car a minute to warm up allows its oils and fluids to warm up as well. This is a benefit, since driving with thick automotive fluids puts a strain on your vehicle, and can cause damage in the long run. You can do this manually, but automatic car starters give you the luxury of saving time. You can get all your winter gear on, while your car is “getting ready” too.

Auto car starters are found in a majority of Canadian vehicles for a good reason. They are our little winter side-kicks that help us get through our infamous Canadian winters. But remember, leaving your car on and unattended for too long is idling, which is illegal in most provinces and can seriously affect the environment. So have your warmth with help from an automatic car starter, and enjoy responsibly!

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