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Risks of DIY Car Audio Upgrades

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Why You Should Always Get Professional Help for Your Car Audio Upgrades

As a car owner, you spend plenty of time in the driver’s seat of your vehicle. The perfect soundtrack can transform every traffic jam, lengthy road trip, or quick trip to the store. Most drivers want an audio system that brings out the best your car can get, and upgrades are the way to do that.

Plenty of car owners turn to professionals for assistance in installing audio upgrades, but some do it themselves. People who rely on tutorials and their own expertise can get mixed results – if performed incorrectly, do-it-yourself car upgrades can lead to catastrophe.

Read on to learn about the risks you should consider before performing your own car upgrades, and why a professional audio installation service might be a better option.

How Can Upgrades Change a Car’s Audio System?

If you’ve purchased a new vehicle, odds are, it came with a stereo. A regular stereo on its own can make your car rides more enjoyable, but upgrades can take your audio system to the next level. The most popular upgrades can give you state-of-the-art sound quality, and allow you to access more audio formats than a regular, old-school stereo.

Here are some of the most common car upgrades:

  • More powerful speakers, which can play louder sounds without compromising sound quality
  • Amplifiers, which can further improve the sound clarity of good-quality speakers
  • Subwoofers, which can produce low-frequency sounds, like bass-heavy music
  • Bluetooth compatibility, which is common on new car models, but can be added to older models through upgrades
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Why It’s Risky to Perform Your Own Car Upgrades

You may be compelled to try implementing your own upgrades to your vehicle’s audio system. Perhaps you enjoy similar D.I.Y. projects, or you’ve heard from a friend that at-home upgrades are easier and cheaper.

There are many myths surrounding D.I.Y. car upgrades, and it’s important to understand the risks before taking this route. Learn about these risks below.

Safety is Key

If you’re not professionally trained on the installation of complex electrical equipment, you could seriously hurt yourself. It is always important to consider electrical safety when using heavy machinery and electronic equipment. Electrocution, electric shock, and burns are some of the examples of possible injuries that can be serious, or even fatal.

Audio Equipment is More Complicated Than You May Realize

Installing audio equipment isn’t as simple as plugging something into an outlet. Both audio equipment and modern cars are extremely complex, which is why most turn to experts for assistance. There are plenty of components that work together – frequency, wiring, and voltage, among others – and these are often too complicated to explain in a short guide or instructional video. Equipment is also fairly sensitive, and a minor mistake could sabotage the entire project.

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You Could Void Warranties or Insurance

It’s important to consider the legal ramifications of your upgrades before deciding to perform them. First, you may void your vehicle’s warranty by performing D.I.Y. upgrades. Second, it’s unlikely that insurance would cover damage caused by faulty repairs performed at home. As a vehicle owner, you should always be aware of the conditions attached to your warranties and insurance agreement.

It Makes Professional Repairs More Difficult

Professional audio technicians are well-versed in solving vehicle problems and issuing repairs. However, their job becomes much more difficult when parts of the car have been tweaked ineffectively.

It Could Cost More Than You’d Think

Many believe that performing upgrades on their own is a cheaper option than relying on the service of an audio technician. This is rarely the case. Most audio upgrades require specific high-quality tools that can be pretty pricey. Plus, a simple mistake can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repair fees.

Can You add Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to any car?

Apple CarPlay and Android auto are modern features that are designed (both hardware and software) for a safer and smarter drive. With it, there is no need to press any buttons or do anything that would impair your attention, and while using it you can still stay focused on the road. Basically, after connecting your phone to your car, you can use the voice recognition system and communicate with Siri or Google Assitant. While you’re driving, you can use the assistant and let it know what you need, whether that’s opening a map, changing a song, calling someone, etc.

Even though nowadays, most car manufacturers offer this feature in most of their models, there are still some trims that don’t have it included. Still, both can be installed as long as you have a big touchscreen in your car. If you don’t have that and own an older car, there are still some ways to get the luxury of having an assistant.

There are a few options to do so: buy a third party infotainment system that supports Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay, or get an Android-based device to use it.

Third-party infotainment is a complete infotainment solution that is mostly designed for specific car models. An Android-based device, on the other hand, is versatile and can be installed in basically any car, regardless of the model or the brand.

The key is – aftermarket.

However, if you opt for the third party infotainment option, make sure to do your research before you start meddling with your car’s wiring. We would always suggest leaving it to the professionals and getting the new system installed properly.

Why Seeking Professional Assistance is the Better Option

It might be tempting to perform D.I.Y. upgrades on your vehicle, but if you’re not fully sure of what you are doung, you should consider other options – for example, seeking the help of a professional vehicle technician.

A professional installation service will give your car the upgrades you’re hoping for with precise installation and deep knowledge on both audio systems and vehicles. They can perform upgrades safely and effectively in a timely manner, and can answer any questions you have about audio systems.

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In conclusion, audio upgrades can transform your driving experience by turning your simple car stereo into a top-quality sound machine. There are plenty of upgrades that can be performed, from Bluetooth installation to bass-maximizing subwoofers. However, the installation process is complicated, and it’s recommended that you seek help from a professional technician before trying to carry out these upgrades on your own.

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