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The Advantages of Installing a Remote Starter This Winter

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How a Remote Starter Can Ease the Pain of a Difficult Winter

Let’s face it – winter is brutal. The bitter cold mornings, that dreaded walk to your car to not only start it but to stand in the cold to scrape off ice and clear all the snow before you can even pull out from the driveway. There is a tried and true way to make this unpleasant experience a little more tolerable. With the installation of a remote starter, you can be toasty warm and on your way in no time!

What is a Remote Car Starter?

A remote starter for your vehicle is comprised of two components: a radio receiver and a remote transmitter. The control module is installed in your vehicle, allowing you to remotely engage the starter with the push of a button on the remote transmitter.

Remote starters are most popular in colder climates, though they can also be beneficial in warmer months when your vehicle has been sitting in the heat and require some circulation prior to getting in the vehicle.


How are Remote Starters Installed and How Do They Work?

It is best to leave a remote starter installation to your local professional as improper installation can lead to damage to your vehicle, and possibly even voiding warranties with your vehicle’s manufacturer.

The installation process for a remote starter involves removing the lower dash under the steering wheel. This allows access to multiple wires which are connected to the vehicle starter. These wires must be tested, at which point the ground wire must be attached to the chassis of the vehicle. The ground wire would then be attached to the starter to start the circuit. Once complete, the ignition output from the remote starter must be connected to the car’s ignition wire under the steering wheel. The starter wire must then be located and tested with a multimeter. Other components, based on the chosen accessory, would be connected to the tachometer wire together with the sensor. Keyless entry, anti-theft and other optional equipment would then be installed, and the car battery would be reconnected and tested to ensure that all components are working effectively.

Benefits of having a Remote Starter in Winter

Believe it or not, there are far more benefits to installing a remote starter than simply keeping you warmer. Remote starters can offer significant perks in terms of safety and long-term engine performance.

Below, we go a little more in-depth into the additional benefits which come with a remote starter.

Keeping Warm

Warmth is probably the number one reason to get a remote starter installed. The benefits of getting into a warm and defrosted car in the winter go without saying. However, do not count out the benefits of stepping into a cool vehicle in the hot summer months either. A remote starter won’t only offer some relief in the winter. It’s an excellent investment for those sweltering summer months, helping you year-round.

Improving Long-Term Engine Performance

Driving without warming your engine can be hard on your vehicle’s motor. When the oil is given a chance to warm up, it can provide better lubrication throughout the motor, extending its performance in the long-term. Like a good stretch before a workout.

The Safety Benefits

For example, a remote starter allows you to start your vehicle without keys, making it safe and secure against theft. Additional safety benefits include the ability to defrost your vehicle before you enter it, virtually eliminating the need to scrape your windshield. Many do not fully remove ice from their windshields, causing safety concerns when driving. This can impact your visibility and even lead to traffic violations.

Clearing Frost off your Windshield

It’s bitter, it’s cold, and it’s too early. No one likes to have to fight with windshields that are covered in ice. Chipping and scraping away at the ice can be stressful, cold and time-consuming. It can even cause damage to your vehicle if you’re not careful. Many get frustrated with this process or are in such a hurry that they do not completely clear snow, ice, and debris off their vehicle, creating safety concerns and issues with visibility while driving. Let a remote starter do the job for you as you enjoy a coffee in the comfort of your warm home.

Auto Shut-Off

Your remote starter is typically equipped with an auto-shutoff feature, which will leave your car idling for 10 minutes, at which point your vehicle will turn off automatically. Starting your vehicle with keys would not offer this benefit as you would be required to turn your vehicle off manually.

Automatic Start in Intervals

Automatic start intervals are an optional feature in your remote system, which can allow you to start your vehicle at set time intervals. A two-way LCD remote is required for this feature and intervals can be set at 1.5, 3 or 24 hours. This feature can only be programmed and set up by a professional installer or authorized retailer.

Sleep in Longer

Need a little bit of extra sleep? Keep your remote on the nightstand and start your vehicle from the comfort of your warm bed.

Keyless Entry – No More Struggling to Unlock Your Doors with Mitts

Gone are the days of struggling with keys while wearing mittens to keep warm, looking for the keyhole as you wipe snow away from the door handle.

Higher Resale Value in Colder Climates

Remote starters boost the resale value of vehicles. Especially in colder climates. It can be a powerful negotiating tool when reselling your vehicle later.

Control Your Vehicle Using Your Smartphone

Many remote starters nowadays offer the convenience of smartphone applications. This means you can start your vehicle directly from your mobile device, eliminating the need for a remote altogether.

The Choice is Clear

The benefits of a remote starter are almost endless. Invest in your safety, your vehicle’s performance and save yourself the grief of fighting with ice and cold. It’s an easy way to give yourself some peace of mind and much more peaceful mornings ahead.

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