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To Tint or Not to Tint? That is the Question.

cars with Xenon lights driving through a highwayIt’s that time of year again; summer is here- one of the best seasons of the year! And with everyone looking to partake in outdoor activities and trips with friends and family, spending extra money on unnecessary car expenses shouldn’t cut into your summer fun budget. One of the biggest defining features of summer is, of course, the hot sun and many people don’t realize it but the effects of the sun’s heat and light can affect a driver’s visibility, comfort and budget. So how can we solve this problem?

Enhancing Your Ride

Window tinting and HID headlights. These enhancements are a great alternative in saving money on your car operating costs this summer; with so many benefits, window tinting and HID headlights have become popular improvements for cars because anyone can add them to their car regardless of make or model!

One of the biggest benefits with window tinting is the fact that it can block over 60% of the sun’s heat, keeping your car cooler and allowing drivers to save money on gas that would have been used for running air conditioning. If your vehicle is not equipped with A/C then window tinting is an ideal option to consider to stay comfortable and cool while driving. Another plus to window tinting would be that it aids in blocking the glare of the sun and oncoming HID headlights, making it more comfortable for drivers in light and dark situations.

For drivers that are looking for optimal visibility day and night, they could also consider adding HID headlights to their car. xenon headlights –which stand for high-intensity discharge headlights-, are great because they are the bright, allowing drivers to see a farther and wider range of view than they could with standard halogen headlights. This type of headlight is very energy efficient, which in turn can also help you save on car expenses year-round. So if you’re looking to reduce operating costs this summer in order to use your savings on other more enjoyable options, consider the idea of HID headlights and window tinting for your car.

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