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7 Reasons to Use a Dash Cam

Reason One: Avoid The ‘No one’s Gonna Believe You’ Situation

Do you still consider a dash cam a novelty or even a luxury item? If so, you may not have considered the many practical ways drivers use a dash cam daily to remove stress and bring comfort to their lives.

Let’s examine seven reasons to use a car dash cam. After reviewing our list, you’ll undoubtedly conclude that a dash cam should be on your next shopping list.

1. Have Records Of An Accident  

When you have a dash cam recording the events leading to an accident, it’s as though you have an unbiased third-party witness. Video footage is important because the memory of even honest people can be unreliable.

And you definitely don’t want to be in a situation where the person at fault blames you. He may have friends and family in his vehicle who support him while you’re completely alone.

That’s when a dash cam can be your most valuable asset. It can deliver testimony that an experienced officer or accident investigator can use to get an accurate account of what really happened.

2. Evidence To Fight Tickets  

Have you ever received a ticket because a police officer said you failed to stop at a red light? However, you clearly remember the light being yellow. Who’s right?

Imagine reviewing your dash cam footage and seeing that you were right. When you entered the intersection, the light was still yellow. It only turned red after you were past the light. It’s a win? This sweet taste of victory gets even better!

Without a dash cam, you might conclude that it wouldn’t be worth your time and stress to dispute the ticket. However, having the dash cam gives you the confidence to tackle the matter and keep your clean driving record intact.

3. Eliminate Insurance Fraud  

Sometimes your accident isn’t truly an accident. Some professional criminals stage conditions where it will appear that you rear-ended their vehicle.

It can be challenging to dispute a claim where you ran into the back of another car. Under ordinary circumstances, you will look at fault. And when you place professional con artists behind the wheel of the other vehicle, you can be confident that they will make the ‘evidence’ that you caused the accident look overwhelming.

But a dash cam can capture proof of your innocence. For example, it can show that the driver in front of you slowed down suddenly and without warning.

Police departments and insurance investigators are familiar with the tactics crooks use. So, if your dash cam footage reveals evidence of fraud, you could be cleared of wrongdoing. And you could even help law enforcement reduce the number of fake car accidents.

4. Learn From Driving Mistakes  

People who are determined to improve at their craft continually review their progress. They access their skills and note where they need more practice. Maybe you’ve never considered using the same approach regarding your driving, but you can use a dash cam to improve your driver safety.

If you were to review your dash cam footage, you could analyze which of your driving skills needs more work. For example, you could see how you tend to come to hard stops and make fast starts. Watching the footage could help you understand how to become a smoother driver.

You might also notice a tendency to follow the car in front a bit too close or to change lanes without signaling, And many people don’t realize how fast they drive.

5. Keep An Eye On Your Child’s Student Driving Skills  

If a dash cam can help you become a better driver, imagine what it can do for your teen. You could reach an understanding with your teens that they can use the car as long as they keep the dash cam running the entire time. This will allow you to monitor their driving behavior.

It will also remind your teens that whatever they do will later be seen by you. Knowing this can help them make more mature decisions behind the wheel. So, you get better drivers in the family and improve accident safety without having to raise your voice or pull your hair out.

6. Security Purposes  

Some thieves may think twice about stealing from your car once they notice the dash cam. And if someone vandalizes your vehicle, your dash cam could provide clear images of the person.

If people don’t see a dash cam, they may think that they can get away with damaging your car. For example, suppose in the grocery store parking lot, the shopper parked next to you drops a heavy can that dents your hood and scratches your paint.

If they notice the dash cam, they’re more likely to patiently wait for you so that they can exchange insurance information. But if they think there were no eyewitnesses, including a dash cam, they’re more likely to quickly leave the parking lot, leaving you with a repair bill.

7. Capture Every Event You See

Have you ever had an experience so remarkable that your family and friends questioned whether you were enhancing the story? A dash cam can put an end to the debate. Yes, you did see something gigantic breach the surface of the lake.

If you keep your dash cam running, you’ll always have a means of recording that once-in-a-lifetime event. Besides, it’s a lot safer to let your dash cam rather than you take that picture of a mama bear and her cubs crossing the road to get to their spaceship.

Are You Ready For Your First Car Dash Cam?  

At this point, you’re probably wondering why it’s taken you so long to realize you need to buy a dash cam. Now, you’ve got to decide the best dash cam for you and who will install it.

That’s where we enter the picture. Installing dash cams is one of our specialties.

Call or complete an online request form to get a quote. We can quickly and professionally equip your car with the appropriate dash cam for your needs because the car dash cam is the one item no vehicle should be without.

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