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How Does A Dash Cam Work?

And Are They Worth Getting?

When you get in an accident, it’s all you-said-they-said to determine who was in the wrong. But what if you could make it clear that you were in the right?

Video evidence is much stronger than witness testimony. Accidents are complicated, messy things. Particularly the legal aftermath where the other person can claim that you were entirely responsible.

But a car camera dash cam could flip the tables on them.

A dash cam sits on your dash and provides a silent, irrefutable witness to what’s going on when you drive. In this guide, we’ll discuss how dash cams work, and why you should get one.

What Is a Dash Cam?  

A dash cam is a small camera that you mount on your windscreen or dashboard. The camera is designed to record the view through your view through the windscreen when you’re driving. You can have it record only when you’re driving, or at all times including when your car is parked and turned off.

How Do Dash Cams Work?  

When using a dash cam, the camera is recording. If and when an incident occurs, you can save that footage as evidence in a court case. Since the dash cam is always recording, the only thing you have to worry about is getting that footage ASAP before the camera overwrites it.

You don’t need to back up the footage from your dash cam since it overwrites previous footage in a loop. Make sure you have a large storage card so it can record longer periods of time.

Wired vs. Wireless  

Car cameras either store their footage on a local micro SD card or in the cloud. That gives you options on how to retrieve the recorded video. A wireless dash provides the convenience of not having to go out to your car if you want to take a quick peek at what it has seen.

However, internet connections will limit a wireless dash camera.

How to Install a Dash Cam  

This varies from dash cam to dash cam. Usually, dash cam installation means attaching the camera via a suction cup to the windscreen, then plugging the dash cam into the 12v cigarette lighter.

However, it’s ideal to have a professional installation. You want to ensure all the features of the dash cam are working. A professional knows how to position the camera so it gets the best wide-angle view.

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What Is the Average Recording Duration Of A Dash Cam?  

This all depends on the size of your micro SD card and the quality you are recording in. If you want to save space and record longer, you’ll want 720p resolution at 30fps. But if you want better quality–at the cost of less recording space–you’ll want 1080p or 4k resolution at 60fps.

Recording at 1080p and 30fps, you can expect about 55 minutes of duration on an 8GB card. This expands to almost four hours on a 32GB card.

The important thing to note is that you don’t need a card that can hold 24 hours of footage. The camera has a loop recording function. It records over existing footage until you stop the camera.

Most incidents won’t last longer than an hour. As long as you have a few hours of footage, you have some buffer space. You can stop the camera and rest assured that you got whatever you needed on film.

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Are Dash Cameras Always Recording?  

This is up to you. You can use a dash cam 24/7 to keep track of activity around your car when it’s parked. But if you’re only interested in driving incidents, you can turn it on when you enter the vehicle.

Some dash cams come with their own battery. However, in most cases, it will need to remain plugged in. This could eat into your car’s battery when the vehicle is off, and your car might need a jump start later on.

In most cases, you shouldn’t leave your dash cam running overnight to avoid killing your car battery. However, you can install an external battery or use your car’s fuse box if necessary.

How Do You Watch the Footage?  

This depends on your dash cam model. If your camera stores it on a micro SD card, you simply remove the card and insert it into a computer. Then you can access the footage and search for the incident based on timestamps.

If you have a wireless dash cam, you can access the footage remotely. Your dash camera may store the footage in the cloud. As long as it has a nearby wireless connection, you can access the footage.

Where Can I Buy a Dash Cam for My Car?  

You can purchase a car camera dash cam in most electronics stores or online. There are plenty of options to choose from, so do your research well. Check out tech sites for dedicated reviews that will cover their performance and ease of use.

Is a Dash Cam Worth It?  

Absolutely! A dash cam could save you from liability, and could in some cases reduce your car’s insurance premium. It provides peace of mind in the event you’re in an accident you did not cause.

A dash camera may deter criminals. If they see the dash cam through your window, they may think twice about defacing your vehicle or breaking into it.

Further, you can use car cameras to record the scenic routes of your journeys. That allows you to get those beautiful shots without taking your hands off the wheel.

Find a Dash Cam Installation Today  

A dash cam is an essential tool for drivers to defend themselves in the event of a crash. It makes it easy to record incidents related to your vehicles. It’s easy to use, and you can have a professional install yours in minutes.

Dash cam installation can be quite tricky. Book your dash cam installation today to make the most of this important technology.

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