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Spring Car Touch-Ups To Prepare for Warm Weather Driving

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In Canada, almost one-third of employees switched to remote work. Now that restrictions are starting to lift, more people are returning to work, and your vehicle might need some much-needed car touch-ups.

Even if you’ve decided that remote working is the lifestyle for you, springtime in Canada means plenty of opportunities for beautiful road trips or venturing to new places. To keep you safe and enjoying the open road, we have put together a complete guide on the top things to get checked on your vehicle this spring.

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What To Check  

Spring car maintenance requires a few check-ups since the cold winter months can take their toll on your vehicle. Here are some critical parts of your car you should have tuned up before temperatures start changing:

  • Engine
  • Tire pressure
  • Paint
  • Touchups
  • Rims
  • Music

Properly taking care of your car can help it last for years to come and improve resell value. Some vehicle brands like Ford, Honda, and Toyota have gained a reputation for durability and longevity. While it helps to purchase a reliable car brand, it is equally as important to take it in for yearly tune-ups at a trusted auto shop that can help you upgrade to newer technology.

Engine First  

With warm weather driving, you might feel inclined to push your car a bit further and possibly take it on extended road trips. Your engine is one of the most basic things you should have checked for preventative maintenance.

Simple things like fluid level checks, oil changes, and regularly cleaning off your engine can improve its performance. Issues with your battery can make it appear that your engine is not working correctly, and a qualified auto shop team can help you determine if you need a charge or replacement.

Weather and temperature can play a critical role in your car battery’s performance, and springtime in Ottawa is no exception. March temperatures can remain below 32°F or 0°C, while April can see highs near 55°F or approximately 13°C. Batteries like to operate in moderate temperatures, so the changing seasons can make it a crucial time to have an engine check-up.

Tire Pressure  

Cold temperatures can cause your tire pressure to drop, and you may have accommodated that this past winter. Yet, once you start needing to crank up the air conditioner, that means the temperatures are rising, and your tire pressure will change.

Overinflating your tires or not checking them regularly could wear down your tread and cause problems on the road, such as a blown tire. Take preventative maintenance care now and avoid costlier repairs.

Since the weather is starting to head into warmer months, now is an excellent time to swap out your winter tires for all-season or summer wheels.

The Paint  

Paint goes a long way into your vehicle’s resell value. If you have multiple chips and scratches, it can hinder your car’s aesthetics. When you consider repainting your vehicle, you’ll want a professional to give your car a touchup since improperly painting and sealing your car’s paint can lead to more damage.

Adding Touchups  

Adding High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon lights use a heated tungsten filament that provides better illumination than standard headlights. HID headlights also create less drain on your power system and emit less heat. It can be a great touchup to your car by improving foggy headlights, offering better night vision, and improving safety.

Other than paint touchups, window tinting can help block out harmful UV rays this spring and keep your car’s interior from fading more quickly. Window tinting laws vary region by region, so ensure you check local laws and regulations before. At Audiomotive, we only provide professional and high-quality window tint installation that offer several other benefits, such as:

  • High-quality colours
  • No bubbling or peeling
  • Wide selections
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Improved privacy
  • Reduced glare
  • Cooler interior

When the weather starts heating your leather and upholstery, it can be uncomfortable to sit in your car. Car window tinting can help control heat, reduce glare by almost 90%, and help keep your valuables safe from passersby.

The Rims  

If you’re wearing down on your tire’s tread, consider upgrading to custom wheels and rims when you swap out for new tires. New rims can change the entire outward appearance of your vehicle, giving it a brand new makeover without breaking the bank. Here are a few things to be aware of when you swap to custom wheels and rims:

  • Fewer style options with 19″
  • More difficult to clean
  • Black rims attract brake dust

The best way to find out what wheels and rims look the best is by trying out Audiomotive’s custom wheels simulator. It can give you a breakdown of sizes and styles that fit your car’s make and model.

The Music  

Your car’s audio system should not be neglected when you finally take those road trips this spring and summer. Even if your work commute drags on, a new stereo can help you jam out to old favourite hits or help you pass the time with enthralling audiobooks.

There are many different circuits and connections that can make installing a newer sound system challenging to do yourself. Rather than risking improper installation with your new and expensive stereo, call on the professionals to help. A new sound system can help improve:

  • Volume
  • Clarity
  • Bass

If you choose a professional installation, you also won’t risk voiding warranties and putting your safety at risk with electrical wiring.

Finish With a Nice Wax  

Waxing your car can minimize paint corrosion and fading. UV rays, salt, and even bird droppings can cause damage to your paint over time.

Rather than purchasing a new paint job every few years, a wax job can help you avoid long-term paint damage. It is also more cost-friendly and can give your car a new shiny and new look this spring.

Auto Shop for Car Touch-Ups  

Spring car touch-ups can help your car run smoother, avoid breakdowns, and improve aesthetics. At Audiomotive, we specialize in fine-tuning your vehicle so that it can help keep you and your family safe and provide you with much-needed technology upgrades.

Some of the services we offer are HID headlights, new sound systems, custom wheels, window tinting, and more! Are you ready to get started? Contact us today and get a free quote for your spring car maintenance!


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