Get Your Car Running and Comfortable Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Automatic car starters are the perfect way to ensure a comfortable commute to and from Kanata every time. Don’t worry about scorching hot seats in the summer and frigid steering wheels and windows in the winter!

Automatic car starters let you:

  • Set your car to the perfect temperature before you get in;
  • Remotely lock and unlock your doors;
  • Get the engine running smoothly ahead of time;
  • Shut the engine off if you’re delayed getting to your car;
  • Test and monitor your engine; and
  • Add extra security by locking doors when you start remotely.

Install an automatic car starter, and start your car before you lock your front door so it’s ready to go when you are. Don’t waste time waiting for things to warm up or cool off—get a quote from AudioMotive today to get started!

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Commute in Comfort and Convenience

Automatic car starters from AudioMotive add an extra level of convenience and comfort when you’re behind the wheel. But that’s not all: every time you start your car remotely, your automatic car starter will monitor the engine and tachometer to ensure things are starting smoothly every time. The control module is so precise that it will learn the optimal time to ease off the starter, ensuring your engine stays healthy for years to come.

All you have to do is set your air conditioner to your preferred temperature (warmer for the winter, cooler for the summer), and the starter does the rest. Start your car a few minutes before you head out the door, and it’ll be the perfect temperature by the time you sit down behind the wheel—perfect for those Kanata commutes in the summer heat and winter chill!

Contact AudioMotive today to learn more about automatic car starters in Kanata, and to get your free quote today!

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