Custom Window Tinting for Easy Driving 24/7

Glare getting you down on the commute to and from Barrhaven? Sunglasses can only do so much! Custom car window tinting in Barrhaven can get you relief from sun and stop you from squinting during your daily commute.

At AudioMotive, our tinted window services give you:

  • A variety of shades and colours to match your vehicle and style;
  • Expert installations to avoid bubbling or peeling;
  • As much as a 90% reduction in glare while driving;
  • Reduced UV ray exposure;
  • Added protection by reinforcing the windshield;
  • Long-lasting, durable products you can depend on; and
  • Customer satisfaction that can’t be beat.

Car window tinting keeps you in the shade while you drive, whether you’re on a summer road trip or stuck in the sun on your daily commute. AudioMotive is proud to offer the latest and greatest in car window tinting, including Llumar Safety and Security tinting films. Get started with your free estimate today!

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Comfort and Protection with Car Window Tinting Installations

Professional car window tinting installations offer unparalleled comfort and protection. Tinted windows and protective films can help reduce your car’s interior temperature by as much 16°C! No more grabbing sizzling steering wheels or sitting in roasting seats!

Protective window tints and films can also help limit your UV ray exposure. Filtering out these rays can help save you from sunburns, not to mention other serious skin conditions that result from prolonged exposure. Plus, in the event of an impact with the windshield, protective films help prevent glass from shattering inwards.

So what are you waiting for? Protect yourself, your car, and drive in comfort this summer with professional car window tinting in Barrhaven!

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