Keep Your Eyes on the Road with High Intensity Discharge Headlight Installations

Do you find yourself straining to see when you drive at night? Dim headlights are a serious problem when the sun goes down. Without proper visibility, the chance of an accident increases drastically.

Thankfully, HID headlights can light up the night road so you can stay safe during those late night drives!

High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights help you:

  • Improve visibility by as much as 70%
  • Save on maintenance thanks to long-lasting durable bulbs
  • Give your eyes a break with near-natural light
  • Cut back on your car’s energy consumption by as much as 24%
  • Drive safely no matter the time of day

…and it certainly helps they’ve got a sleek, modern look, too!

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HID Headlights Support Road Safety

If you’re looking for better late-night visibility on the roads, then it’s hard to beat HID headlights. The broad cone of light emitted by these headlights increases visibility and, in turn, safety. Better visibility means better response times and an easier time breaking when something appears in your headlights.

At AudioMotive, we’re proud to carry the latest Xenon HID headlights for our customers in Barrhaven and the greater Ottawa area. These headlights use an electrode to create an arc, which reacts with xenon gas and in turn ignites metal halide salts within the headlights. The end result is a much brighter and stronger beam of light than a halogen bulb!

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