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Let’s face it, nighttime driving is a chore. You’re straining to see what’s ahead of you in poor light, you can’t always use your high beams, and if fog, rain, or snow rolls in, you’re in for a real struggle. Now imagine you’re trying to get home to Nepean in these conditions—after a long day, a tense drive is the last thing you need.

It doesn’t have to be this way! HID headlights light up the night road and let you see where you’re going with excellent visibility, saving you from these all-too-common nighttime driving stresses.

HID (high intensity discharge) headlights help you by:

  • Lighting the way so you can see clearly no matter the time of day;
  • Improving driver visibility by as much as 70%;
  • Providing long-lasting, durable bulbs, letting you save on maintenance costs;
  • Reducing eye strain thanks to their near-natural light;
  • Emitting a broad cone of light, improving side visibility; and
  • Improving your response time as a driver by letting you see what’s ahead.

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Safe Driving with HID Headlights

Sometimes, a car’s stock headlights just don’t cut it. The cone of light they emit might be too narrow to let drivers see the side of the road. They might not even have a bright enough bulb, and your high beams might be little better than your low beams. This is, simply put, a problem! If you can’t see clearly ahead of your vehicle, you’re stuck with a shorter window to react in if something is ahead of you. Improving visibility makes it easier for you to identify and respond to what’s ahead of you on the road.

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AudioMotive is proud to carry the latest Xenon HID headlights for our valued customers in Nepean and Ottawa at large. These headlights are filled with xenon gas and metal halides which light up brightly when introduced to an arc. The result is a much brighter and broader beam of light, especially when compared with a standard halogen bulb.

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