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How Does an Auto Starter Work?

The interior of a BMW carSo Ottawa is a cold city, right? If you’ve been living here long enough to experience a single winter, then you know just how cold it can get. And whether it’s a long walk through the parking lot, or just a few steps down your driveway, that walk to your freezing cold car in the morning can be hellish. Auto starters for your car are really the only thing that can give you a light at the end of the tunnel. Car remote starter installation is something that a lot of Ottawa residents have invested in because nothing is better than getting into an already warm car after braving the cold. Auto starters are the best winter accessory there is.

The benefits for getting car remote starter installation seem pretty simple, but just how auto starters work is pretty simple too. Once auto starters are installed, the technician will go over it with you. But here’s how most standard versions work:

  • After your car remote starter installation, you’ll be given a small remote that you can attach to your keychain.
  • From inside your home (or somewhere else), just press your auto starters’ button and your ignition starts.
  • Your parking lights will flash to signal it’s worked.
  • Your vehicle will remain locked so that it stops someone from accessing your car while it’s started.
  • Your vehicle will run for a set amount of time, but if you get too busy or forget you started your car, it will turn off on its own.
  • When you’re ready to get in your car, unlock it and turn the key in the ignition to “on” and you’re ready to drive off.
  • In the winter make sure to set your heating to the properly so you arrive in a toasty car with no ice or snow on the windshield.
  • In the summer you can do the same thing, but with the A/C.

There are also more advanced versions of car remote starter installations that include pairing with your smartphone, keyless entry, car finder and all sorts of other things. But basic auto starters usually go for around $100, which isn’t much when you consider the comfort and safety it actually provides for you and your car. Auto starters are a fairly foolproof system and they really need to be, because it’s SO easy to forget that you turned on your car when you didn’t actually go outside to turn it o

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