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Should I Tint My Car Windows?

A white car with professional window tinting driving through the city at night.

3 Reasons That Say YES!

Getting tint on your car can impact your comfort, security, and health. Besides giving your vehicle a stylish look, it helps reduce glare light. Unlike clear windows, tinted glass can improve your visibility on the road and protect your skin from the heat.

If you’re still questioning yourself whether you should go book a tinting, there are a couple of things you need to know before you decide. Keep reading to find out more.

How Car Window Tinting Can Benefit You – And How to Get it Done  

Tinted windows come with a vast number of benefits. Some of these include style, safety, and privacy. Tinting your windows also protects the inside of your car, which serves as a form of maintenance and investment.

Window tint can help protect you from shattered glass. In case of impact, your window will not shatter as easily as it would without window tint. This prevents you and your passengers from injury caused by sharp flying pieces of glass.

Aside from making your car window shatter-proof, it also protects your identity. Thanks to the tint, you can enjoy your privacy while you drive around. You won’t have to worry about being watched.

People living in sunny climates tend to be at risk from sunburns and exposure to extreme heat. Tinting your window can protect you from harmful exposure. Tinting is essential if you spend a lot of time on the road in hot weather. Also, the inside of your car will not wear out as fast as it would with clear windows.

There are two options on how to get your windows tinted. With the right tools and skills, you can do it yourself or have a professional do it. While a few prefer the first choice, it is always best to let an experienced person work on your tinting. This is because car window tinting needs precision and skill to do it correctly.

Why Should You Tint Your Windows?  

Everyone has their reason for tinting their cars. If you are still wondering why you need to install window tint on your car, here are a few pointers to help you decide:

Protection from UV Rays

Good quality tint can help block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from passing through.

These sun rays can easily go through untinted glass and cause severe skin problems over time. Which could potentially result in skin cancers. Prolonged exposure to the sun can speed the skin’s ageing process and cause more wrinkles.

Your eyes are also prone to damage due to harmful sun rays. By having your car windows tinted, you can protect yourself against various risks such as eye cancers, cataracts of the eyes, and even sunburned eyes. You can also avoid fatigue and headaches when you drive under the sun if your car is tinted.

Reduced Heat in Vehicles

The temperature in your car gets much higher when the sun passes through to the interior. You can save energy on your car AC by getting car tints as the heat will be relatively lower. Tinting blocks solar heat from building up in the car, making balancing the car temperature easier.


Since a tinted window is harder to break, it makes it harder for intruders to shatter in a break-in attempt. This helps protect both your personal property and your car from theft.

Tinted windows prevent potential crooks from seeing what is inside your car. Therefore, it’s less likely to attract break-ins as opposed to having a clear window where anyone can see your valuables.

How Do Window Tints Work?  

Tinting film is made up of polyester laminate, which is designed to improve the performance of a state window. It is made up of several layers; the first is the film, while the second layer contains dyes and metal as the tinting agents.

The second layer is designed to block out harmful sun rays. There are various types of tinting film, but they all function by the principles of reflection, absorption, transmittance, and radiation. The metal coating on the second layer controls the amount of light rejected; the thicker the coating, the more light is rejected.

Are Window Tints Legal?

Each country has varying regulations on how dark your tint can go, still, window tints are legal.
The one thing that’s common about tinting regulations across all provinces is that the windshield must be clear. However, some provinces allow car owners to have a thin strip at the top of the windshield just over the manufacturer’s sun shield.
Still, it is important to find out what your state’s windshield regulations demand to avoid a citation. When the tint is too dark, it makes it hard for police at traffic stops to see inside vehicles. This is why some provinces have regulations discouraging intense tinting.

How Are Tints Installed?  

The first step is to cut the film into the required size. Spray the outside part of the car window with soapy water. This helps hold the film in place as you cut.

Place the film on the wet window and let it stick. Spread it to all corners of the windows. Cut out the film from each end of the window. Lay the cut film piece on a flat surface.

Thoroughly clean and wipe the car window from inside, then dry it up. Spray the window with soapy water. Roll the window down to leave a small opening at the top.

Peel off the wrap from the previously cut-out film and spray its surface with soapy water. Carefully place it on the window starting from the top as you move down. Roll up the window to cover the bottom.

Squeeze out the soapy water by spreading from top to bottom using a squeegee. Your tint job is now complete!

Note that the film is applied from the inside of the car to protect it from outside vandalism.

How Do You Take Care of Tinted Windows?  

Keep your windows up while your tint is still brand new. It might take a while for the adhesive to stick to the glass properly. Refrain from rolling your windows down to avoid peeling your tint off.

You may have to wait a few days before you can wash your car again. Give the new film some time to cure. If you need to clean them, use a soft cloth or paper towel. You should be able to keep the tint clean as it will be on the inside of the car, so it won’t easily get dirty.

Watch out for your windows when loading or unloading sharp items or sports equipment from your car. Also, be careful with your seatbelt buckle and any other sharp edges that can scrape off your tint.

The Answer to ‘Why Should I Tint My Car Windows?’  

If you have been asking the question, ‘why should I tint my car windows,’ then by now, you may have a couple of ideas why. Aside from being an aesthetic enhancement, it serves as long-term safety insurance for you and your vehicle.

You have to ensure you get your car windows tinting done by a trusted professional. Get a free quote for window tinting today.

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