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How a Remote Starter Can Prevent Vehicle Theft

man dressed in black crouches near a vehicle to try and steal it at night

Installing a remote starter system will increase your safety, provide convenience, and offer many other benefits

Installing a remote starter into your vehicle is one of the best decisions you can make. A starter will make your driving experience more convenient and offer plenty of security-related benefits.

A common myth surrounding car starters is that they expose your vehicle to theft. This is not true – In fact, a remote starter can give your vehicle a safety advantage. Keep reading to learn how.


What is a remote starter?

A remote car starter is a wireless device that can start your vehicle’s engine from a distance. These starters are extremely convenient, as they can allow you to start your car from 500 to 1,000 feet – or even more, depending on the specific model of starter you have.

Each starter has its own unique radio signal, so you don’t have to worry about interference between other remote starter systems and your own.


Types of remote starters

There are various kinds of remote starters available that offer different benefits. For example:

  • With an add-on remote, the starter is attached to your car keys.
  • A one-button remote will come with a separate starter that locks and unlocks the doors.
  • A remote with keyless entry replaces the need for keys that get lost too easily.
  • A two-way remote contains a sender and receiver. This is a beneficial option because it informs you whether or not your car has started.
  • Some remotes allow you to operate the car alarm from your starter.
  • Some remotes are accompanied by a smartphone app. These often come with a GPS to check your vehicle’s location, change its internal temperature, and do much more – all from your phone.

Will a remote starter increase my chances of having my car stolen?

Many drivers hesitate to try a remote starter because they think it will increase the chances that they will be victims of vehicle theft. This is a misconception – In fact, remote systems can actually help prevent vehicle theft.

A starter can control features of your vehicle, like unlock the doors or start the vehicle, and you may fear that thieves could take advantage of this. However, your vehicle cannot be operated if there is no key in the ignition. In fact, most starters are set to keep the engine off when the brake is depressed. Plus, you can use your starter to ensure that your vehicle will own run for a set amount of time before shutting down.

Remote starters are completely safe. Still, you can always take precautions to create the safest experience. Proper installation is one way to be sure that your vehicle is safe and secure.

You should seek a local professional to install your starter, so you will not run the risk of damaging your vehicle, having an ineffective starter, or voiding a warranty.

Remote starter features that help prevent vehicle theft

Remote starters have built-in features that prevent theft and other security violations. For example, you can set off the alarm remotely. Plus, many starters are connected to a smartphone app that allows you to track the location of your vehicle.

Automatic locking

Do you find yourself worrying about whether or not you remembered to lock your car doors when you enter the supermarket? With automatic locking, your worries are taken care of.


Remote starters are equipped with timers that you can use to protect your vehicle. Many starters have an “auto-shutoff” feature. This means that, upon leaving your vehicle idle for ten minutes, it will turn if off automatically.

If you have a two-way remote system, you can set intervals for your vehicle to turn on or turn off automatically. Typically, you will have the option of setting it for 1.5, 3, or 24 hours, and you will need the assistance of a professional installer.

The key is still required before driving

Even if someone manages to break into your running vehicle, they will be unable to make any progress. Without a key, your engine will shut off when the brake is pressed.

If you have a keyless car, your vehicle provider should inform you of the proper security precautions to take to protect your vehicle.

Additional benefits of having a remote starter

It’s helpful in winter

On a cold, stormy winter morning, you’ll be thankful you have a remote starter. You’ll be able to sleep in longer and step into a toasty vehicle. Plus, you won’t have to use your numb fingers to fumble your icy-cold keys through the vehicle’s door. Beyond comfort, though, there are plenty of other benefits to having a remote starter in the winter.

Running your vehicle on a cold morning can defrost it entirely, getting rid of the need to scrape your windshield. Since many drivers are too cold or exhausted to finish the scraping process entirely, they pose the risk of damaging their windshield by not completing this important step.

The good news? Using your remote starter lets the heat take care of it for you!

It’s good for your engine

Driving can damage your engine if you don’t warm up your vehicle first. The oil provides better lubrication to the motor when it is warmer – this extends its performance.

Cool off in the summer

A remote starter seems appealing in the dead of winter, but did you know that it can be a huge help in the summer too? Use your remote starter to cool down the vehicle before getting in, stopping you from burning your skin on the vehicle’s hot interior.

Increase resale value

Many drivers are hesitant to install a starter because they fear it will decrease the vehicle’s resale value. That is untrue – in fact, it will increase your vehicle’s resale value. Vehicles with remote starters are particularly in high demand in areas with rougher climates.

Note that if your vehicle is leased, you will have to return it to the dealer in the condition you received it in. You can still install a remote starter – simply have a professional remove it upon returning the vehicle.


In summary, a remote vehicle starter allows you to control the functions of your vehicle from a remote device. They offer features that keep your vehicle safe and secure, and provide other benefits, from comforting you in harsh weather conditions to increasing your vehicle’s resale value.